26.8.20, Solo Exhibition

Alex McNamee - On the cusp of warping

Since the end of July, the British-Canadian artist Alex McNamee (1990) has been working on a site-specific installation that is going to change the Kunstverein's garden in the long term.

One could say that Alex McNamee's preferred material is landscapes. She quotes them, reinvents them or merges them with another. In her work, hills pile up in odd shapes. Puddles flicker on screens or emerge as real water surfaces in unexpected places. Stones and boulders indicate functionality but ultimately refuse to be assigned. The human interpretation of matter is a central concern of the artist. Which properties do objects require to in order to not be considered as neutral anymore?

For the garden of the Kunstverein, McNamee creates a site-specific installation that explicitly includes time as a tool to shape material. In this work too the relationship we want to develop with the landscape and with matter is central. How do we evaluate ourselves within a landscape that is constantly changing? These changes often take place through our own targeted intervention - yet always under the conditions of the material itself. Unlike a typical exhibition, the installation of the artist will not have a limited duration, which ends with the dismantling and removal of the works. McNamee’s work, created for the garden of the Kunstverein, remains on site after completion and reshaping over time due to weather, growth and our (nursing) interventions. The installation will continue making, rusting, crumbling, growing, producing, pushing pulling and warping. The project will be realized by the artist from July 21st until the end of August. You are cordially invited to visit the Kunstverein during the work process and the festive opening.

The opening takes place on August, 26 from 5 'till 9 p.m. - so there will be plenty time to explore the installation, have chats, drinks and a snack while keeping the required distance to one another.

At 6 p.m. there will be a short welcoming speech as well as some introductory words on the exhibition of Pilippe Van Snick in the Kunstverein's building and Alex McNamee's installation in the garden of the Kunstverein.

Furthermore we would like to cordially invite you to a on-site conversation with Alex McNamee on August 20th at 7 p.m.!

26.8.20 – 25.10.20, Solo Exhibition (Currently)

Philippe Van Snick - Territoire de Voyage (The voyager's landscape)

In this concentrated exhibition, the artist's first in Germany, core elements in his work are concretised through a number of important individual works and series, which have a strong spatial effect and temporal dimension.

Time, the passage of time and its aforementioned duality are themes that Van Snick made visually perceptible in his work. Since the late 1970s, the artist has submitted his work to a clear system. He assigned a colour to each of the numbers 0-9. 0-7 represent the immaterial colours (primary and complementary colours, followed by black and white), 8-9 the material colours (gold and silver). A few years later he added an extra colour; light blue This colour symbolizes the day - in contrast to black, which represents the night. In this way Van Snick was able to thematise not only form and space in his work, but also time and its dualistic character. His systematic number and colour structure is undeniably a request to translate a complex universe into a concrete system. Van Snick's handling of this clear system with infinite possibilities is not dogmatic, but open and dynamic. His colour palette, along with the chosen abstract forms, does not embody "absolute abstraction", but is his way of connecting with concrete reality.

Abstract works have been combined with photographs that show Van Snick's interest in natural forms in his garden and elsewhere (such as the many botanical gardens he visited and photographed at home and abroad).

Van Snick's cinematic journey through sensations, past works and new studies offer a concentrated insight into the proverbial travel landscape of the artist.

This exhibition has been realized in close collaboration with Marijke De Keukeleire. Many thanks to Philipp Van Cauteren, Heide Hinrichs, Laura Van Snick, Wim Waelput, Simon Delobel, Liene Aerts and the Kiosk team for their support.

2.9.20, 19:00, Talk

Reading club: Heimat - Toni Morrison, "Heimkehr"

From November 2020, Kunstverein Langenhagen will be temporarily transformed into a ‘heimatmuseum’. This exhibition project presents the problems and possibilities, the nostalgia, the pain and the longing that surround the ‘heimat’ concept. In preparation for this exhibition, in 2020 the bi-monthly reading club is all about 'heimat’.

Text September: Toni Morrison, "Heimkehr", 2014. https://www.rowohlt.de/hardcover/toni-morrison-heimkehr.html/ 10 Euro

5.9.20, Education

Monthly free space for thoughts and buildings

10.9.20, 18:00, Education

Guided tour for people with life experience

by Martin Giesecke

A guided tour through the exhibition accessible for everyone, in which a dialogue takes place about topics in the exhibition that are connected with one’s own life experiences.

15.9.20, 18:00, Education

Guided tour for people with life experience

by Martin Giesecke

A guided tour through the exhibition accessible for everyone, in which a dialogue takes place about topics in the exhibition that are connected with one’s own life experiences.

29.9.20, 19:00, Talk

Pre-negotiations #1: Helmut Draxler

This is the first edition of a series of Talks to question prevalent habits of art education

8.10.20, 19:00, Talk

Nearby Professions #14: Historian

As part of this series of talks, in which experts from related subject areas are invited to speak about their work, this time a historian will be our guest at the Kunstverein.