19.2.20, 18:30 - 21:00, Solo Exhibition

Opening: Christopher Knowles

The artist is present.

20.2.20, 19:00, Event

Performance Christopher Knowles - Emily likes the tv

A cooperation with the Fridericianum, Kassel

In 1973 Christopher Knowles recorded a long poem about his sister that repeated variations on a single line—“Emily likes the TV, because she watches the TV, because she likes it”. The audiotape with this poem marked the beginning of the collaboration between Knowles and avant-garde theatre director Robert Wilson. Wilson transcribed the text, and it was visually stunning: “If one looked at the piece of paper from far away, you could see the use of language was mathematical,” said Wilson. “There were patterns vertically, horizontally, diagonally.” At the Fridericianum, Christopher Knowles will perform 'Emily likes the TV' live.

Heads up! The event will take place at the Fridericianum (Friedrichsplatz 18, 34117 Kassel).

26.2.20, 18:00, The Verein

Members assembly

All members are welcome. The annual program of the Kunstverein is presented and new members for the advisory board are proposed and elected.

5.3.20, 18:00, Education

Guided tour for people with life experience

by Martin Giesecke

A guided tour through the exhibition accessible for everyone, in which a dialogue takes place about topics in the exhibition that are connected with one’s own life experiences.

10.3.20, 18:00, Education

Guided tour for people with life experience

17.3.20, 18:00 - 20:00, Education

Interactive workshop-tour for adults - canceled

Exhibitions are often explained through language. The aim of this workshop-tour is to bring interested people closer to the exhibition by "Do it yourself". One is invited to react on the exhibition by getting creative oneself and work with various materials offered by the Kunstverein. This workshop is concluded by a group discussion about creative experiences and the works that are produced.

Registration: mail@kunstverein-langenhagen.de. Participation is free.

31.3.20, 19:00, Talk

Nearby Professions #13: Painter - canceled

As part of this series of talks, in which experts from related subject areas are invited to speak about their work, this time a painter will be our guest at the Kunstverein.

14.4.20, 19:00, Talk

Reading club: Heimat - canceled

From November 2020, Kunstverein Langenhagen will be temporarily transformed into a ‘heimatmuseum’. This exhibition project presents the problems and possibilities, the nostalgia, the pain and the longing that surround the ‘heimat’ concept. In preparation for this exhibition, in 2020 the bi-monthly reading club is all about 'heimat’.

Text April: Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, “Ich war auf der Fusion, und alles, was ich bekam, war ein blutiges Herz”, 2018. www.sukultur.de / 2 Euro.